Ricardo Roig is a thirty-four-year-old artist who creates multilayered limited edition hand cut screen prints, collages of these unique prints and oil paintings. Ricardo maintains an art studio and a showroom for his work at Roig Collection in Hoboken,NJ where he also has lived for 9 years. Roig attended the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and it is here where he received his formal training and was introduced to a rich art history full of many artistic styles that he draws inspiration from. Roig graduated Cum Laude from Kean University with an art teacher certification & BFA in Painting and Printmaking in 2008. It is here where he discovered his unique printmaking practice that offers us something new and inspirational to see and enjoy every day.

Roig’s accolades boast over 1,000 works of art sold to collectors in Germany, London, Mexico, Spain, France, Sweden and Canada, ten pieces purchased by the Hoboken Historical Museum, published in Vellum Magazine, commissioned for 26 works by New York University Stern School of Business and Shake Shake, published in Industry Magazine, Westfield Living magazine, noted in the New York Times, exhibited artwork at the W NYC and will be exhibiting at the W Hotel Hoboken as well as West Elm Hoboken. This is Ricardo’s first showing at Artexpo and the first time he brings his new art form to NYC.

Roig’s original, fine works of art are made from paper stencils by cutting shapes out of paper with an exact-o knife and then using a squeegee to push the mixed acrylic inks through these openings when it is attached to a screen. The porous screen allows the ink to travel through the cut-openings thereby creating a very sharp-edged graphic effect for this unique printmaking technique. Each color is a different stencil that is layered upon one another as the puzzle is pieced together and the image is formed. The print becomes a culmination of color shapes built upon these relationships. In celebration of the heroes of Japanese woodblock prints and a furthering of the torch in new innovative approaches to the printed image, these works promote a renewed sense of beauty juxtaposed with masterful technique. Each piece is made by hand, signed and dated by Ricardo.

Roig’s work is influenced by the Japanese woodblock prints that inspired French Impressionism as well as the Impressionists themselves. Ricardo offers us a fusion of painting and printmaking where each piece is as unique as his printmaking process.