All my life I have been working to realize a dream. This pursuit has brought me joy, romance, travel and all of the splendors associated with the artistic life. This is not to say I have not also experienced the complexities and difficulties which accompany such an endeavor, but from my childhood in Rome, I was transfixed with the notion that I held an artistic vision, and only a devotion to my dreams would bring me a sense of completion.

From an early age I explored two of the greatest forms of expression art and music. For many years, I pursued both, waiting to see which would fully inhabit my life. As a child I spent many hours after school sitting at an easel built by my father. At this easel, I began unraveling a variety of images: objects from memory, illustrations from art books, postcards and comic strips. Occasionally, an uncle would hand me a few hundred lira to buy brushes and paints. During my teens, I produced several paintings which were lost in the process of moving, or chosen by passing relatives to decorate their homes.

During a recent visit to my sister’s house in Rome, I discovered some of my early works in her attic. These are precious to me for several reasons: while they represent my premier efforts with a brush, they also transport me back to the days when I would paint in my messy room laden with paper and canvasses, colors strewn everywhere. While I worked the smell of turpentine blended with the wonderful odors of my mother’s cooking. I was fortunate to have the encouragement and support of my family, particularly after they survived World War II and lost nearly everything. They looked over my shoulder while I worked, beaming with admiration and pride. And it was they who sent me to the Artistic Lyceum in Rome.

So ultimately, it was art which grew to be my career for the past thirty years. I moved to New York in 1971, and this had the most profound impact on my life, the dynamic atmosphere of the city seemed to breathe the energy which would inspire my work. I have produced art in various media paintings, drawings, sculpture and jewelry. Through the years, the spectrum of my vision has changed and grown; the 50s saw a period of small, figurative paintings and charcoal drawings, the 60s and 70s became a time when I focused on socio-political assemblages, and in the 80s and 90s my work was comprised of satirical faceless paintings and cut-out sculptures.

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