Hedrick, Jessica

Hedrick, Jessica

As an emerging BC artist Jessica Hedrick has shown a strong understanding of art. Her talents thrived growing up under the mentorship of her father, Ron Hedrick, a prominent Canadian artist.

Jessica’s first workshop was with Gordon Applebee Smith, a notable Canadian artist, in which he strongly urged her to take art very seriously though her school years. Several years later she studied art at the University College of the Fraser Valley under Bruce Paschak who taught her to enjoy the creative process and to expand her concepts of art.

After college she enjoyed a trip to Italy and France studying their magnificent historical pieces – it was then she realized art was her true calling. When she returned from Europe Jessica joined a collection of artists, The Stave Falls Artist Group, in the outskirts of Mission, BC. She has studied under master Canadian Portrait Painter, Paul Chizik and renowned American Impressionist Carolyn Anderson. Through a string of recent successes Jessica has decided to pursue working full-time as an artist.

The main influences in Jessica’s work have been Impressionists from around the world. She has a strong passion is to work from life, whether it be still-lifes, models or landscapes. Her style incorporates a sincerity of light and colour with loose brushwork, while trying to explain to the viewer what exactly she was inspired by in the subject

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