“In creating art, I strive to conjure my most joyous experiences and bring them to a visual format. I love knowing that through my artwork viewers garner a sense of shared humanity and purchasers delight in coming home to my paintings.”

Karla is a storyteller. She culls her images from her own family lore and cultural influences. It is through Karla’s natural ability to tell a story, her empathetic nature and sense of fun, that her work attains its universal appeal. As with the best folk and lyrical art, Karla’s work is wholly accessible while encompassing emotional honesty and layers of meaning. Her celebrated paintings are displayed in galleries and distinguished collections throughout the country and abroad.

She is the illustrator of 3 books for children published by Blue Apple Books.

Karla uses the printmaking techniques of dry-point engraving and etching, in which she incises the outline for her designs into metal plates. The plate is then inked and wiped, so that only the artist’s lines appear on paper when the print is pulled under high pressure. Each work of art is then lovingly painted in rich, bright, watercolor hues, thus achieving one-of-a-kind, truly unique status for each piece.

Small fiber inclusions and natural variations in the handmade papers lend charm, warmth and character to the paintings.