Florentine Artist Giovanna Calzolari was born in Florence, Italy. She is a descendent of a prestigious Florentine painters family with a long history. At the beginning of the last century her great-grandfather, Professor Enrico Calzolari, taught at the Florence School of Art. His son and Giovanna’s grandfather, Mario Calzolari, was also a painter and spent his whole life studying the art of the old Flemish and Renaissance Painters. Mario and Giovanna’s mother, Ida Calzolari, had always worked together and have many prestigious international collectors.

At the present time, giving her own interpretation, Giovanna, Mario’s granddaughter carries on this well-established family tradition of painting in this beautiful and exciting Florentine style. Working together in the same family studio, Giovanna and her mother Ida continue to create masterpieces in the style of the old masters.

Collections that include their work are the Italian Embassy in Teheran, Iran and in Washington D.C. Another important commission was the creation of five paintings for the Prince Torrigiani-Colonna Country Seat Museum in Lucca, Italy. Twelve (12) paintings had also been created in 1983 for the private club in Washington D.C., which was patronized by President Ronald Reagan.