My name is Daniel Carvalho. I am a fine artist who has been drawing and painting since the age of 4. Born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I went to Elizabeth High School and was in the gifted and talented art program.

I then went on to study at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts. I am currently working at Evalyn Dunn Gallery, art and custom framing, in Westfield, New Jersey.

My work can be seen on display daily at the Gallery. I have been commissioned to do numerous pieces and my artwork hangs in many private collections throughout the US.

I am constantly working on my art and looking for new ways to express and convey what I see through my paintings. Mainly a Fine Artist Painter, I also have a passion for photography. It’s just another means of artistic creativity. Instead of a canvas and paint, the camera’s view finder is my canvas and everything I see through it tells a story. I try to bring those stories to life in my photographs.