About Us

Evalyn Dunn Gallery was founded in 1958 as a local venue for the exhibition, framing and preservation of the finest 20th Century American and European art. Today the gallery features the works of acclaimed artists from around the world, including Alvar of Spain; Graciela Rodo Boulanger of Bolivia; Fairchild-Woodard of England and American artists such as John Powell, Don Hatfield and Henri Plisson.

The gallery hosts exhibitions of prominent artists throughout the year. These exhibitions often feature pieces created exclusively for Evalyn Dunn Gallery and personal appearances by the artists. Evalyn Dunn Gallery features a wide selection of paintings, lithographs, serigraphs, photographs, sculptures, painted furniture, graphic art, clocks, drawings and etchings in a variety of styles — from classical and contemporary art to modern and folk art.

Evalyn Dunn Gallery also specializes in customized framing, historical preservation and art consulting for corporate and home interiors.

The Artistry of Family Business for More Than Five Decades

When Evalyn Dunn first  pened  her  art gallery  in  1958 ,  people marveled at Evalyn´s ability to hold a full time job, run an art gallery and raise a family.  But  with her supportive husband , Benjamin , and two young daughters at her side, Evalyn Dunn Gallery prospered.

As Evalyn´s gallery grew, so did her daughters, Amy and Jacie, who were fixtures at the gallery throughout the summers, after school and on the weekends.

In 1990, Evalyn´s youngest daughter, Jaclyn Civins, a resident of Scotch Plains, community volunteer and former teacher, became the second generation to take the helm of the family business. “It was an inevitable transition,” says Jaclyn regarding her decision to continue the legacy her parents started. “This business is an intimate part of me and a major piece of our family history. It´s exciting to bring art in its many dimensions to peoples´ lives, as well as to preserve and creatively display the personal photographs and art possessions of our customers with the right matting and framing.”

For many of those who frequent Evalyn Dunn Gallery, shopping here is also a family affair. “There are two and three generations of family members who have been with us since the beginning, including the children of our first customers and their children,” says Evalyn. “We have parents, grandparents and grandchildren who use our services and who have acquired their art through Evalyn Dunn Gallery. it’s quite inspiring,” adds Evalyn.

Over the years, Evalyn Dunn Gallery has expanded at different locations in Union County, NJ and in January 2000, Evalyn Dunn Gallery opened its doors at its current location of 549 South Avenue in Westfield. The gallery was previously located a few blocks away at 397 Cumberland Avenue in Westfield, where it had been operating since 1970.

Westfield is not only home to Evalyn Dunn Gallery, it also is home to Evalyn Dunn, a longtime resident who raised her family here. Evalyn´s husband, Benjamin, a retired advertising executive, was a partner in the gallery business until his death in 1993. Evalyn and Jacie agree that Benjamin´s presence lives on in the gallery´s dedication to quality art, good humor and customer service.

“It was Ben who first came to me with the idea of opening a gallery in 1958,” says Evalyn. “I said to him, ´What do I know about art?´ and he replied, ´You´ll learn.´ and I haven´t turned back since.”